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Kaseton started gymnastics at just age 3 after his mother put him in a class. Even after trying other sports, Kaseton kept his heart on gymnastics! While his favorite event changes a lot frequently, his favorite skill is the double arabian on floor! If your not aware of this amazing skill, this requires the gymnast to start off with a roundoff then twisting in mid air to front facing flipping twice before landing! This is an extremely difficult skill to achieve and Kaseton has mastered it!

Unfortunately, Kaseton ended up needing shoulder surgery that left him out for 6 months. Despite the surgery and agony of being out, Kaseton was able to push through this difficult obstacle because of his love for gymnastics. He told us in a recent interview that he honestly doesn’t know who he would be without it!  After graduation, he plans to go to Wichita State University for Forensic Science while competing for Kansas City United and coaching at 316. He loves helping other young gymnasts achieve their dreams! Kaseton would like to thank his mom and all of his coaches for making his career as a gymnast possible and encouraging him the whole time! Congratulations Kaseton, we’re so proud to have you at 316!


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