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When Emma was 3 years old, her mom noticed her jumping around and trying to do flips on her bed. That was when Kendra knew, she needed to be in a gymnastics class! After her first class, she immediately fell in love and knew it’s what she wanted to do. Her favorite event is floor. Something about being able to flip around and do incredible things that has drawn her in! Even though floor might be her favorite event, doing a Giant on bars is her favorite skill! Emma uses her strength to swing her whole body, to be in sync with the motion of hovering over the bar in perfect balance. Would you dare to defy gravity??


Unfortunately being super woman in the gym can come with a few pain points. Emma’s turned out to be injuries. She has had 2 major shoulder surgeries in her career. What kept her going throughout all the pain? Emma will be the first to tell you that it was her faith. Emma is very active in the church and youth group. She really leaned on God to walk by faith and not by sight. She also really wanted to be a good role model for the little kids. There will be many obstacles in life not just gymnastics. Emma wanted to show them how important it is to work through those obstacles to continue to do the things you enjoy! After graduation she will be attending Saint Leo in Tampa Florida on a full Acro and Tumbling scholarship! We asked her in a recent interview if she would like to thank anybody who has helped her be where she is and this was her response.. “I would like to thank my mom who’s been there through everything. She always found ways for me to continue to work out and took me to a lot of appointments. She pushed me when I needed to be pushed and loved me when I needed to be loved! Of course all of my coaches. I’ve learned a lot from all of them. They have also loved me in some really happy times and held me up through the hard times.” We will miss Emma while she’s away but we’re so proud of how far she has come and how far she WILL go!


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