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Olivia started gymnastics at just age 3. She loved the physical aspect of gymnastics and being able to do hard flips. It was having the ability to flip around and push herself that made her fall in love! Once she discovered her love for gymnastics, she had ONE goal in mind.. to be the best athlete SHE could be! Every day she pushed herself and fought for self improvement. Her favorite apparatus is beam. You know, the one where they flip and balance on 4 inches of wood? Beam has been known to be one of the harder events in gymnastics, but Olivia flourished in it! She told us in her Senior Interview that her favorite skill is her front aerial. A skill that requires the gymnast to leap forward flipping in mid air and landing it safely without the use of their hands! Every athlete must overcome an obstacle on their way up to success no matter what sport your in and it wasn’t the physical aspect of gymnastics for her. Olivia’s biggest struggle was the mental aspect. But no matter how hard it was, she showed up for herself every day and never let herself forget the reason why she loves gymnastics! After graduation, Olivia plans on attending Butler College and majoring in exercise science so SHE can help the next person in line become the best version of themselves no matter what that looks like! She would like to thank both of her parents, Janita and Paul, along with her coaches before 316 – Shane, Dakota and Lauren, as well as her 316 coaches Tristian, Paige and Londyn!


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